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Shire aggregates are suppliers of natural stone paving. We can supply and deliver sandstone paving, limestone paving, granite paving and slate paving throughout Yorkshire & The North East. 

We supply Natural Stone paving and cobbles for your patio or driveway, including many natural stone accessories in the form of stone circles, stone cobbles/setts, stone steps and other stone garden accessories such as kerbstones and stepping stones. Our products are ideal for both a commercial and DIY use. We also offer a bespoke service that is a pre-order system. This ensures we can always meet your requirements on any additional products that we do not currently supply.

Our Natural Paving Stone Delivery Area

Suppliers of Natural Stone Paving in Leeds, Bradford, York, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Newcastle, Darlington, Sheffield, Durham, Barnsley, Doncaster, Harrogate, Middlesbrough, Whitby, SunderlandTeesside and surrounding areas.

We operate a range of vehicle, large and small so we have vehicles that are more suited to difficult residential access. Please contact us today to discuss our requirements or use our aggregate calculator.

Limestone Paving

Black Limestone Paving

Black Limestone Paving, also comes in cobble form. Limestone paving has a flatter smooth finish akin to orange peel and is very consistent in depth, making it useful for use indoors.

Blue Limestone

blue limestone paving

Blue Limestone Paving. Blue Limestone in an attractive, consistent shade of slate blue &  works well when mixed with black limestone accessories such as gravel or cobbles.

Sandstone Paving
Raj Green

Sandstone paving - Raj Green

Raj Green Sandstone Paving blends with most surroundings. It’s robust, hard stone which will last. It has many shades of colouring throughout, but it is akin to reclaimed Yorkstone.

Sandstone Paving
Mint Fossil

Sandstone Paving - Mint Fossil

Mint Fossil is a colour which has an attractive variation in shades, pale creams to bold honey tones. It has occasional fossil-like patterns running through which develop with time

Autumn Brown

Sandstone paving - Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown is a really mellow blend with mid-brown shades. This gives the stone a warm, classic look. Quite often, the brown tones are further enriched by purplish shadings. 

Rippon Paving

Rippon Paving - Sandstone Paving

Rippon paving is a multicoloured paving style with an attractive mix of colours set against a buff background. Rippon Paving is available in three single sizes and available honed.

Kandla Grey
Sandstone Paving

Grey Sandstone Paving

Kandla Grey is a contemporary sandstone paving, being very consistent in colour. It is a gentle, blue-grey colour/occasionally beige shadings appear. Available in three single sizes

Lalitpur Yellow
Sandstone Paving

yellow sandstone paving

Lalitpur Yellow is a rich, mellow, golden colour with not too much variation. It blends well with decorative aggregates in particular, Golden Gravel. Available in three single sizes.

Sandstone Paving

pink sandstone paving

Modak provides a striking blend of colours with a pinky backdrop and distinctive veining. Shades include rusty orange, pink and pale yellow. Available in three single sizes.

Sandstone Paving

grey/purple sandstone paving

Raveena is a mix of purplish colours, set against a pale, grey and buff background. It is striking, with natural variations of quarried stone. Available in three single sizes.

Sandstone Paving

black sandstone paving

Black sandstone is the perfect shade if a traditional aged Yorkshire shade is desired. A dark grey background that is beautifully enhanced with subtle yellow shading. Available in three single sizes and in mixed packs for random colour. Calibrated at a thickness of 22mm

Medium Grey
Granite Paving

grey granite paving stones

Flamed Granite is available in silver and dark grey. Each slab is calibrated to 20mm depth, with the edges machine cut for a straight edge. Available in three single sizes which can be purchased separately or as a mixture to create a random pattern. Ideal for Commercial use.

Dark Grey
Granite Paving

dark grey flamed granite

Dark Grey Flamed Granite Paving Stone provides a contemporary look for the home and is also ideal for commercial properties. Its surface is flamed to produce a durable, anti-slip pavestone. This granite paving is available in 3 sizes: 600 x 300, 600 x 600 & 600 x 900.

Our Decorative Aggregate Range:

We have a large range of decorative gravels, pebbles and decorative aggregates which compliment our natural stone range. We also supply building aggregates such as sand etc so you can get all you need for your paving project delivered by one company.

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