Gravel Suppliers Throughout The North of England

We supply gravel for building purposes and also decorative gravels to the general public for DIY home and garden projects as well as Gravel in large or small quantities to the trade. We have the fleet of vehicles to deliver in both small and large loads. If you need gravel and you are on a narrow access road we would be likely to be able to deliver using a smaller vehicle in our fleet. Loads from 5 to 30 tonnes.

Gravel Suppliers – Our Delivery Area

Gravel Suppliers in Leeds, Bradford, York, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Newcastle, Darlington, Sheffield, Durham, Barnsley, Doncaster, Harrogate, Middlesbrough, Whitby, SunderlandTeesside and surrounding areas.

We take payment by credit card for your convenience. See our range of gravels below.

Decorative Gravels

Golden Gravel

golden gravel

Golden Gravel. This Popular Golden Gravel is available in 10 and 20mm sizes

White Marble Chips

white marble chips

White Marble Chips are available in 8-11mm & 11-14mm sizes imported from Spain

Green Granite Chips

green granite gravel

Green Granite available in 10mm, 14mm and 20mm sizes. Imported From Norway

Red Granite Chips

red granite gravel

Available in 10mm, 14mm & 20mm sizes. Sourced from Northumberland & The Scottish Borders

Black Granite Chips

black granite gravel

Black Granite available in 10mm, 14mm and 20mm sizes. Sourced from Cumbrian Fells

Blue Granite Chips

blue granite gravel

Blue Granite available in 10mm, 14mm, 20mm sizes.

Quartzite Gravel

quartzite gravel

Available 10 and 20mm sizes, known as Trent Gravel

Yorkshire Cream 

yorkshire cream gravel

Yorkshire Cream Gravel available in 10-20mm sizes

Staffordshire Pink

staffordshire pink gravel

Pink Gravel available in 10mm, 14mm & 20mm

Building Gravels

Limestone Chippings

limestone chippings

6mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm available in various types of Limestone

Capping Material 6F5, 6F4

capping material

6F5 and 6F4 Approved Materials Quarried or Recycled

Crusher Run/Hardcore

crusher run

Crusher Run & Hardcore 40mm and 75mm to dust available

Pipe Bedding Materials

pipe bedding material

Pipe Bedding 10mm & 20mm available depending on pipe size

Drainage Stones

drainage stones

40mm washed Limestone (Type B Filter Media) For Land Drains

Buff Chippings

buff chippings

Buff Chippings are Available in 10mm and 20mm sizes

Granular Sub-Base

granular sub-base

Granular Sub-Base SFHW clause 803. Quarried/Recycled

Decorative Gravels

  • Quartzite Gravel
  • Yorkshire Cream Gravel
  • Staffordshire Pink Gravel
  • Black Granite Gravel
  • Blue Granite Gravel
  • Green Granite Gravel
  • Red Granite Gravel
  • Golden Gravel
  • White Marble Gravel

All Gravels come in a range of sizes and in quantities from 5 to 30 tonnes.

Other Gravels for Building Purposes

  • Sub-base
  • Capping Material 6F5, 6F4
  • Pipe Bedding Gravel
  • Hardcore
  • Limestone Chippings
  • Crusher Run

Aggregates delivered in your area – Call your local number

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T: 0114 321 6280

T: 01904 236282

T: 01423 322 555

T: 01226 449103

T: 01924 669550

T: 01484 506193

T: 01642 061086

T: 0191 4060293

T: 01325 524598

T: 01748 900092

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