Bulk savings for aggregates firm with new Michelin policy

Oct 24, 2018 | News | 0 comments

Shire Aggregates has specified Michelin tyres for 12 new MAN 32-tonne 8×4 tippers and adopted a Michelin policy as standard for future tyre purchases, after a two-year “eye-opening” trial revealed savings of £26,000 a year.

The results, based on each 8×4 rigid tipper travelling 75,000km a year, showed that with Michelin, the Catterick-based firm would save almost £18,000 with tyre life increased from nine to 22 months.

Shire Aggregates also projects a £7,600 saving in breakdown costs, thanks to a significant reduction in punctures and blowouts – with just one repairable puncture recorded during the trial.

“Being able to see the quantitative results in front of us was eye-opening, as before we weren’t aware of just how much we could be saving,” says Jonathan Simpson, managing director of Shire Aggregates.

“We’ve never had a tyre policy in place and have only ever specified the occasional Michelin tyre. This trial showed us the importance of having a robust and reliable tyre, as the savings versus a budget policy are huge, both in the efficiency of our fleet and the overall running costs.

“It’s really highlighted to us that buying cheaper tyres is a false economy in the long run.”

After the trial, Shire specified Michelin X Works tyres for the 12 new MAN tippers, on a Michelin multi-life policy, with Michelin Remix tyres fitted as replacements once worn.


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