CLEAN AIR ZONES – we’re ready!

In 2015 the government announced plans to improve air quality in cities by introducing Clean Air Zones to reduce pollution.

Vehicles which don’t meet the highest environmental standards will be banned from city centres or have to pay a charge – probably £100 for wagons.

The first five cities – Leeds, Birmingham, Derby, Southampton and Nottingham – […]

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Shire truck naming…inspired by music

We love our music. Away from the business we like to relax by going to concerts by great bands all over the country. So, when it came to naming our trucks, it was the obvious way to go.

It wasn’t as easy as you’d think – some songs just aren’t great for trucks. And it had […]

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New truck delivery….

We are pleased to say that have just taken delivery of 2 of 9 new trucks. This will increase our capability to deliver a reliable, efficient service to our customers. We are committed to investing in the future! The next 7 trucks are due by the end of April 2016. Look out for us on […]

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